Star Wars - The Secret Schism

A Senator's Daughter
Heroes Meet

A senator had lost his willful daughter, and favors were called in for the best beings for the job.

They assembled at the senators office of Senator Fird. Two Jedi, a Noble, a two members of Senate Security, and a man-for-hire. They were told that his daughter was missing, though she did have a tendency to runaway. But that she had no been heard of for a while. The main concern for the senator was that this be kept out of the press.

They made plans to investigate her apartment at Galactic University Coruscant. There they investigated her home, and realized that all her security footage from her home computer had been erased. But Specialize Mynmar convinced the local constable to let her see the camera footage of her building and they got a lead. She left her apartment days earlier with a man who had a Swoop Bike Patch on his Jacket for the Z-Lightning.

Off they went to the industrial zone to go see the Z-Lightning at a Swoop Meet. Along the way they were accosted by some local toughs, but 100 credits smoothed over the way.

When they arrived at the track a mob fight was occurring, the Z-Lightning were in a street brawl with another Gang, the D-Roders The heroes decided to get involved and quickly finished the fight. Zek the leader of the Z-Lightning thanked them for the help, but bemoaned the loss of 2 pilots for the race. Jedi Soron and James Jericho volunteered to help out if information could be had. Sirius Jack and Katarina Mynmar went to investigate the Z-Lightning Pilot Oriono Blanirs place.

The race for pink slips was deadly and dangerous Jericho was among the race leaders the entire time, while Soron worked his way up from the pack. Jericho then took the lead and never looked back. The D-Roder leader tried to do be dirty but he failed. Jericho won, with Zek second and Soron having clawed his way to third. It was a land slide victory for Z-Lightning, but when it came time to collec the losers swoops, they found the D-Roders hanger empty.

Meanwhile, Kat and Sirus reached Oriono Apartment, and were surprised when he opened the door. He led them inside. As he was getting Sala Fird he walked back across his living room, he was suddenly shot by a disrupter. Sala’s bodyguard droid the malfunctioned and attacked but a quick shot and it went down.

The daughter was returned and the senator thank them all and gave each of them 1500 credits. 2000 credits for Sirus Jack.

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