Soren Savaan

Jedi guardian student of master Keth Kala'myr


Tall, fit build, deep gray eyes, dark complexion, wavy blue black hair kept shoulder length.
Scar running along left cheek from an incident prior to the order.


Raised within the Jedi temple from a young age, orphaned and ignorant of his birthplace or heritage. Soren has only known the Jedi and there teachings, devout to the order and Master Kala’myr. Proficient in the combat techniques of the Jedi, he moved into the role of guardian, having a unique talent, he is able to perceive his surroundings through the force. A trained pilot, with an aptitude for mechanics, and a natural athlete. Though cloistered among the Jedi, he hopes to learn more from his new comrades about the way of the galaxy, as a defender of the peace, he feels he may be ill equipped for some of the adventures that the council has asked of him.

Soren Savaan

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